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The Galactic Empire
From the bloated carcass of the Old Republic, an ambitious politician carved the Galactic Empire, a New Order of government meant to sweep away the injustices and inefficiencies of its predecessor, the Galactic Republic. Rather than offer the people of the galaxy newfound hope, the Empire instead became a tyrannical regime led by an evil man who used the dark side of the Force. Accompanying the growth of the Empire was an unprecedented military buildup. It was through fear that the Empire ruled.

Palpatine disbanded the senate during the Galactic Civil War, citing the Rebellion as an emergency situation that required direct intervention. To ensure control over the populace, the Empire dismantled the galaxy-spanning HoloNet. With this public forum of information exchange now in the hands of the military, the Emperor was able to funnel the immense taxation revenue required to keep the HoloNet active into building his war machine. Furthermore, Imperial control of free information ensured that only the New Order agenda propagated throughout the galaxy, and dissenting voices were all but silenced.

The Emperor had devised his perfect vision of government with himself as Supreme Ruler of the galaxy. However, he also designed a system that could not function effectively without him. Therefore, because of this, there was no heir to the Empire, so after Palpatine, and the second Death Star being defeated at the battle of Endor, the fleets disbanded and began to war among themselves fighting for power.

Imperial troops, leaders greating Vader as he arrives on the Death Star
The ruthless Grand Moff Tarkin
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