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Han and Leia
Han and Leia. She's a princess, born to Padme and Anakin Skywalker, adopted by Bail Organa. He's was a military man turned smuggler, making kessel runs for the Hutts. She is fighting to bring back to the people order by way of the Old Republic. He is most of the time fighting for himself, to stay alive or fleeing capture of Bounty Hunters. These two are an unlikely pair, and yet the infatuation they had for one another grew into a long lasting love affair. They didn't seem like they would end up together, in the beginning. But it soon became obvious how these 2 felt about each other. All of Han's teasing, and Leia's disgusted ways were their way or showing each other how much in love they were. Han would say things like "Yes your worship" and Leia would call him a scruffy lookin' nerf herder. But all in all they were meant for each other. Her strong will and level headedness, and his life experiences and and laid back way, make the pair a strong partnership.

Han and Leia eloped on Dathomir just when Prince Isolder proposed marriage to her to help improve both governments. Han couldn't let that happen so he quickly took her away and they were married. They then started a family. They had 3 children. Jacen and Jaina Solo, twins, and Anakin Solo. All 3 children would be very strong in the force. Leia too had powers in the force, but found it difficult for her to manage. Sadly the youngest of the Solo children, Anakin, died during a mission for the Jedi.

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