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Padme and Anakin

Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala met on Tatooine when Anakin was just a young slave boy who ran podraces, and Padme was known to her people of Naboo as Queen Amidala. Being so young, the two just found themselves to be friends, or maybe so Padme thought of Anakin. 10 years after that first meeting, the two meet again. Older, and much changed. Padme was now a Senator of Naboo and Anakin a Jedi Padawan under the direction of Obi Wan Kenobi who was just a Padawan himself the last time Padme saw him, under the direction of his former teacher, Qui Gon Jinn (now deceased).

It was obvious from that first moment of re-uniting that Anakin thought much more of Padme then a friend. Padme was so careful of her feelings about Anakin. She was a Senator and he a Jedi, afterall. Jedi are not ment to fall in love. No permanent attachment to anyone is their way of life. In order to do the job expected of them, and to remain on a clear path of The Force, they must not feel strong emotions for anyone. Perhaps Yoda and the council members were right, and Anakin was too old to be trained. Perhaps if they had gone with their instincts what came to pass could have been avoided. But Obi Wan made a promise to his dying master, and the council allowed Anakin to learn the Jedi art.

Padme succommed to her love of Anakin. Professing it as they were being sent to die. Even with the knowledge of him taking revenge on the sand people for the death of his mother, Padme found some kindness and goodness in him. Then after Anakin lost his arm when confronting Count Dooku, Padme and Anakin fled to Naboo where they secrectly wed. Anakins work as a Jedi was not over, he spent time training and going on missions with Obi Wan. One such mission was to rescue Senator Palpatine from the droid army leader, General Greivous, and the dark lord Count Dooku. Upon returning from this mission, Anakin came to learn that Padme was pregnant. Seemingly excited about it, he wanted to stop hiding the fact that they were married, fearing the worst for him, Padme didn't want to share their news but thought perhaps Obi Wan could help them. Anakin began having nightmeres about Padme dying in childbirth, this upset him to a great deal. He felt it was his fault his mother died as he could do nothing to stop it, and vowed that wouldn't happen again. He had befreinded Senator Palpatine and was learning a great deal from him. When Palpatine revealed himslef as the dark lord of the sith they were searching for, Anakins intentions were to turn him in. However, Palpatines promise to teach Anakin to become more powerful then any Jedi so that he could save Padme corrupted his mind.

In the end the idea that he could become so powerful, powerful enough to even overthrow Palpatine, now calling himself Emporer, changed him into someone that Padme didn't know. Someone who had a hand in destroying all the Jedi, and the decline of the Republic. The man that he was, was no longer. He had become so corrupt, so evil, he had become Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith. Believing that he had caused the death of his beloved Padme, Vader succommed totally to the dark side, standing side by side with his new master, Darth Sidious. He had no knowledge of the birth of Padme's baby, or as it turned out, twins. She named them Luke, and Leia, just before she died. It was said that pysically she was completely healthy. She died of an unknown reason. She simply just lost the will to live...she died of a broken heart.

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