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Episode 6 : Return of the Jedi
Plot- A few short months later, the Rebels discovered that a second Death Star was nearing completion over the distant moon of Endor. Intelligence gathered by Bothan spies informed the Rebellion that Emperor Palpatine himself would be present to oversee the final stages of construction. Making this an irresistible target. The Empire's next great weapon, incomplete and vulnerable, and the head of the Empire himself, both in one place, what more could they ask for. The Alliance took the bait but little did they know the Battle of Endor was entirely designed by Emperor Palpatine to be the final confrontation in the Galactic Civil War. Palpatine failed to foresee the resourcefulness of the Rebels or the treachery of one of his most trusted aides. Luke Skywalker was able to turn Darth Vader from the dark side. Vader, once again as Anakin Skywalker, defeated Emperor Palpatine, bringing an end to the Sith reign of terror that had seized the galaxy. Palpatine may have died, but he took Vader with him. Luke clung to his father as they made peace and looked at each other as father and son. (This movie was released in 1983)

Deathstar 2
Leia rescues Han
Emperor Palpatine
Boba Fett is defeated
Luke on Jabba's Barge
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