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March 25, 2006

Ok sorry for the very long break from the site. Other sites, and raising my now 1 year old son were taking up all my time. But I am gonna make an attempt to get back to this one and FINALLY finish it! I did update nearly all the finished pages as i noticed many broken images...geez! i don't know what happened there! I updated Han and Leia's page and am currently working on finishing up that whole section on relationships. I've been slowly getting more subscribers to the newsletter, so I will be starting that up again very soon...I promise...I will try to get one out in the next week...honest! Other then that, the site is pretty much the same...but look for more updates, and for me to be MUCH more active on here then before. I hope to finish the site within the month. No plans on changing the layout...I rather like this one. Perhaps I'll change the colors. Please don't give up on the site, come back often! I hope you enjoy your visits.

Sections that were updated today:
All Movies sections were fixed-broken images.
All Groups sections were fixed
Han and Leia section finished!
Timeline is updated-very informative, check it out!
Han and Lando finished
Chewie and Han finished

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